About us

Fastpack has cooperated with various companies for many years. Thanks to the experience gained during this time, we know how to meet the needs of our customers, offering them innovative solutions.

What makes us different?
We provide a comprehensive service starting from design, through production to delivery and logistics.

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Martin Lehrmann

Sales Manager
EN / DK / SE / PL
+45 51945485

Your personal Fastpack customer advisor. Once you start your order on our website, Martin will contact you to discuss all the details. His tasks include monitoring the companies you compete with on the market. This will help you in choosing some unique paper products and designs that will differenciate your brand from other brands.

Regardless of the industry you specialize in, he will carry out a thorough analysis of your needs and tailor best packaging for your business. He will optimize the offer for you, and pass your order to the production manager. You will receive the initial visualisation of your project and the exact cost estimate within two days.

Rafał Jan Stępień

Production Manager
EN / DK / PL
+45 52717375

Excellent management and extraordinary concepts - it is Rafał's role in Fastpack. He works closely with designers, and prepares unique proposals of logos and graphics. Adapting those elements to your brand will allow you to distinguish yourself from your competition.

Rafał knows all technical aspects of the production and makes sure that the completed order meets your expectations in every detail. On the basis of the data obtained from Martin, he will prepare a cost estimate for both sides. In addition, he will take care of logistics. According to the statistics and analyses provided, he will plan the best delivery options for you. All this is done so that the lack of packaging or other products never comes as a surprise to you.

Fastpack's history


Candy stores are flourishing in Denmark. Fastpack follows this trend focusing on engaging graphic solutions. At the end of 2014 we deliver bags to up to 80% of candy shops in Denmark.


We care about natural environment. As of 2015, all of our products are made exclusively from paper with an FSC certificate . This means that the raw material used for its production comes from responsibly managed and certified forests.


Street food culture came to Scandinavia. Denmark falls in love with this new movement. Fastpack follows the trend and implements foodtruck solutions named also multipack solution.


We expand our offer of eco products for gastronomy. We became the exclusive distributor of disposable, biodegradable plates from wheat bran produced by the Polish Biotrem company.


Our "sub-brand" eataplate.dk attends many festivals, including the Heaven Festival in Copenhagen and the annual traditional meeting of Danish citizens - Folkemødet on the Bornholm island.


Creativity, the best graphic designers, experience in production management - here are 3 reasons why you should trust us. Starting from 2017 we successfully provide a comprehensive service - starting from the graphic design and packaging design, through production to delivery and logistics.

They’ve trusted us



Our offer meets the strict requirements for food products. We do not violate natural environment at any stage of production and all our products are 100% recyclable.

Moreover, all our products are made of FSC-certified raw materials. This means that when you order from us, you receive paper products with the guarantee that the raw material used for their production comes from responsibly managed sources – only from certified forests.