La Neta is a Mexican restaurant belonging to a brewing tycoon – Mikkeler brewing company.

In Mexican Spanish slang La Neta means “The Truth”. La Neta started in Stockholm, Sweden, as an attempt to represent the traditional Mexican Taquerías outside of Mexican borders. As  they explain themselves on their website.

This time our special task was to deliver paper boxes and traces  to our client in very short time.
Paper packagings were needed for Haven Festival in Copenhagen.  Haven Festival is an event which arose as a result of the cooperation between Claus Mayer, a co-founder of a famous Noma restaurant, David Dressner from the band The National, and the brewer  Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, a co-founder of Mikkeler.

We like challenges. La Neta received paper boxes and traces for tacos just within two weeks since the order.

My Bagels is a cafe which specializes in tasty sandwiches and - bagels.

For My Bagel, we have produced: wrap paper, take away bags and napkins with logo print.

To offer our client the best product and price, a paper bag without handles has been the best solution. This type of bag is often used in burger bars. The benefit of using this type of bag, is the price, in comparison to using an typical carr bage or take away bag, also called a sushi bag.

The paper bag is ideally fitted to serve sandwiches and “My Bagels”. At the production moment, our client was the owner of a single diner, and therefor limitet in terms of storage space. That's why we offered a great logistical service, delivering and storing both, bags, napkins, wrap paper, when needed.

Dhaba is an Indian resturant chain, located in Denmark

Dhaba also got stereetfood for festivals and have a steady street food stand on Copenhagen Reffen- the biggest in Copenhagen. For Dhaba we have produced: take away bags, paper cups and wrap paper.

We do also supply edible, compostable and biodegradable plates as well as PLA cutlery.

Pastor is a cozy south american food place who serves mexican food. You can find them both Copenhagen and Helsingør.

Pastor do as well offer catering for closed parites and can provide a foodtruck. For Pastor we produced china boxes( taco boxes), wrap papers for burritos and big size of paper bags for take away, with logo.

Multi coloured paper stickers for defining food types was also produced

We have offered storage of products,providing the best logistical service, meaning  delivering and storing both, bags, taco boxes, wrap paper, when needed.

Sushi Home is a special place run by people who love Japanese cuisine.

Our client asked us to reduce the use of plastic packaging. Thus, they challenged us to come up with an ecological alternative for plastic sushi boxes.

To fulfill our client’s demands, we created a series of paper sushi boxes, which successfully replaced plastic packaging commonly used in gastronomy.