We offer a wide range of innovative solutions, as we know how to perfectly match them to the profile and needs of the company.

Visual identity

We specialize in the conceptual work with graphics. We are equipped with both creativity and knowledge in this field.

Package design and production

We design & produce a whole range of paper bags, boxes and all kinds of packaging you can imagine.


We offer to our customers the ability to store packages and supplies in quantities that meet their needs. Our regular customers are guaranteed FREE DELIVERY


Just choose your category. The next step is to choose the packagings for your businesses. As the next step, choose the packagings you would like to order. Send us your logo, graphics and contact details. We will contact you back within 24 hours from receiving your filled form to discuss your order. Click here to see all packagings.

custom printed paper shopping bag, napkin with logo and folding paper box


  • food trays
  • folding boxes
  • wrapping paper
custom printed flat bottom paper bag and flat bottom paper bag with window

Candy store

  • flat bottom bags
  • paper shopping bags
  • paper bags with window
custom printed pizza paper packaging


  • pizza boxes
  • calzone boxes
  • sandwich paper
Custom printed paper cups with lids


  • coffee cups with lids
  • flat bakery paper bags
  • napkins
Custom printed paper shopping bag


  • paper bakery bags
  • bakery bags with window
  • flat bakery bags
Restaurant packages


  • take out containers
  • cutlery cases
  • napkins

Haven't found what you've been lookig for?

We will help you with custom designed packaging

packaging with window